Round Tables


Two National Women’s Alliances – economic Security for Women (eS4W) and the National Rural Women’s Coalition (NRWC) – hosted a policy roundtable at Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra on the 25th June, 2014.

This pdf summary (171 KB) of the report highlights the key discussion items from the roundtable that address the mitigation of economic impact on women in approaches to disaster preparation, emergency management, disaster relief and recovery and how a gendered approach could make a difference. It is based on the assumption that the voices and strengths of women need to be reflected in policies and programs initiated and administered by the Australian Government and all Australian states and territories. pdf The full report can be viewed here (171 KB) .


The NRWC and eS4W hosted an additional roundtable on 23rd October which discussed how the economic impacts of natural disasters on women could be accommodated pre, during and post disaster.  A report titled pdf "The Building Recovery is Done, but the People Recovery is Not" (258 KB) captures the discussion at this roundtable.

For a pdf summary (172 KB) of the measures that could improve natural disaster gender responsiveness, please read this pdf document (172 KB) which captures the work of both roundtables.


In 2015, the NRWC hosted a Health and Wellness Roundtable in Adelaide, South Australia on the 2nd and 3rd March 2015 to bring together a diverse group of informed rural women from all parts of Australia to examine what support can be provided to rural and remote women who experience family violence.  The 21 women represented organisations including the Australian Local Government Women’s Association; Economic Security4Women; Women’s Industry Network Seafood Community; Australian Women Against Violence Alliance; The Country Women’s Association Australia; Australian Women in Agriculture; National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance; National Rural Health Alliance; Equality Rights Alliance and the National Rural Women’s Coalition.

The topic discussed at the roundtable was:

How can we support the well-being of rural and remote women who experience family violence?

  • What is the role of primary health care in supporting women experiencing family violence?
  • What are the barriers for RRR women when accessing family violence support?
  • What is the impact on RRR women when access to family violence support is not accessible?
  • How could these impacts and barriers be addressed?

You are invited to read the report from this roundtable titled pdf “If we say Domestic Violence is Hidden, which it is……….……… is a Hidden Disaster in Rural Areas” (183 KB) .