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What Do Past e-Leader Participants Have To Say?

  pdf Our 2014 Women Towards Sustainability e-Leaders Report (3.77 MB)

  pdf Our 2013 e-Leaders evaluation report (902 KB)

The 2014 e-Leaders Alumnae Muster Report

The 2014 Social Media e-Leader Report

  pdf The 2015 "The Path to Great Advocacy" e-Leaders to Canberra report (1.47 MB)

  pdf The 2015 "The Path to Great Advocacy" e-Leaders webinar report (963 KB)



Ana Pimenta, King Island

Ana is a graduate of the 2014 Women Towards Sustainability e-Leaders Program. Ana's story started when she came to King Island from Barcelos, Portugal to do work exchange on a local dairy farm. She expected to stay for just six months. Ana came to King Island and met Tom, who also a shared passion for farming, animals and the environment and they are now happily married with two children. Their farming enterprise started out with 30 head of cattle and they now run over 1000. To read Ana's story click here

"Being part of the NRWC e-Leaders program was a great learning experience. Not only I learn what a true leader is but I also got to understand myself a lot more and how to improve my relationship and communication with others around me. It was great to get to know all the fellow e-Leaders, we were all so different and so similar in many ways. The opportunity to share experiences and opinions with other like minded people was very rewarding. Tuesday nights were always something to look forward!" 

Jess Fealy

Jess Fealy is a recent graduate of the NRWC e-Leaders Program.

Jess says “I’m a farmer, a mum of four kids and I work 2 days a week, time is scarce. I loved the e-Leaders [Program] because it gave me access to learning, networking and like-minded people and fitted in with my busy lifestyle.”




2014 Women Towards Sustainability e-Leader - Erica Blumson from Mt Molloy, Queensland

“Participating in the e-Leaders program has been fantastic for me as I didn't have to leave the house, my family or work commitments! The program allowed me to access the best speakers from across Australia and I could network with other women in similar roles".





Emma Taylor - 2013 e-Leaders Program Participant

"I looked forward to the weekly webinars to get inspiration from others in rural communities. The webinars were inspiring and often my head would be swimming with ideas and questions afterwards! The feedback from other participants and from the presenters gave me confidence to keep moving forward with my project"



MeganBakerEL200x200Megan Baker, 2013 e-Leaders Program Participant

"Being part of the e-Leaders program, I felt connected and engaged and my joy of learning was re-ignited. It was a real chance to develop the life skills and knowledge I needed to contribute to my rural community through positive actions and a constructive approach".






Ley Webster, 2013 e-Leaders Program Participant

"It really was a fantastic opportunity.  I am always one to look for new opportunities for personal growth and develoment and also to learn new skills that I can take back into my community and share.  I saw the e-Leaders opportunity and thought the online concept would work very well with my busy workload and family commitments.  I have a satellite connection and often I could not interact, however I was still able to listen and learn from the recorded sessions".