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Eat Sleep COVID Repeat - by Dr Emily Neville

That night I cuddled my Kelpie pup and planned her future without me, just in case. She would miss the cold Murrumbidgee River but as I faded into her memory, she would come to love my parents’ place, she loves their backyard. 1400km from home, a quick phone call to nut out my wishes was unexpected but necessary in these surreal times. 

Never have I ever felt more isolated. 

Don’t breathe in. Don’t breathe in, or Berry (the kelpie pup) will go to your parents, be overfed and die. I passed the negative pressure room at a quicker pace than normal. At the time, this patient symbolised the beginning of the end for me. The first positive patient of the onslaught. Never have I ever felt more isolated. 

“Hi, Em!” Great, the neighbours have spotted me. “How are you going in all this COVID business?” 

“Not too bad, I am working in intensive care at the moment so we are very busy preparing for the unknown.” 

“Uggh, well do not come anywhere near us.” I waved goodbye to their backs as they hurried away.

Never have I ever felt more isolated.

I turned on my heel and headed inside to be greeted by my trusty kelpie, the smile on her dial put one on mine. 


One COVID day in the life of a Doctor


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