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Time for a Strip Show!

An extremely full life has left me questioning why I am filling my later years with busy-ness in the stunningly beautiful bushlands of Tasmania… far away from my family. Just as COVID19 was ramping up to change our lives, I cancelled my involvement in 12 community activities, sold my house and relocated on border shut down day to the NSW/Vic border cities area. Yes! I had initiated my own ‘isolation’ time!

I needed to re focus my life’s purpose. Every day I walked between three and seven kilometres along the city pathways that led peacefully along ancient waterways with plantings of European trees between the majestic river gums. I marvelled at the vibrant autumn colours, the smell of warm leaves waiting to be scuffed through underfoot to create the carefree sound of autumn! And of course, I photographed wildly! 

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But it was the natives that had the most to say to me…their quiet colours speak of, and are created by the impact of our recent seasons; their beauty is amassed by the creatures that visit them and they wisely shed their baggage seasonally!
And I was reminded of Judith Wright’s poem, Gum Trees Stripping.


"Say the need's born within the tree
and waits a trigger set for light;
say sap is tidal like the sea,
and rises with the solstice-heat –“


The need to strip back to basics again must be seen as a routine good thing so that we can look at ourselves to find our own wisdom. We must not be afraid of the change that COVID19 is throwing at us. Instead, we must embrace it and find our new colours!

C:\Users\Alwyn\Documents\aaa\2020\April\20200516_160114.jpg C:\Users\Alwyn\Documents\aaa\2020\April\20200419_130212.jpg

“Wisdom can see the red, the rose,
the stained and sculptured curve of grey,
the charcoal scars of fire, and see
around that living tower of tree
the hermit tatters of old bark
split down and strip to end the season;
and can be quiet and not look
for reasons past the edge of reason.”

I read that a recent survey on workplace change indicated that the majority of people wanted to up-skill or learn completely new skills. What an opportunity! The internet provides us with a rich source of online learning opportunities that are free and that will serve us well as we shed old thoughts and ways of doing things and prepare ourselves with new wisdom. 

Perhaps we should start a data base of those web sites that may attract you to reveal your new colours. And you can share your favourites too…
Here are 3 to start us off:
1. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/collections/upskill-yourself;
2. www.bushprof.com;
3. https://www.acrrm.org.au/courses/discover-our-courses/online 

Some interesting Articles that may interest you are:-


Of course, I know that the NRWC will assist as well!

So come on ladies! …  Start your strip show!


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