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Three days at the end of week 3 of a whole new world!

Wednesday! Today I ate the chocolate cake, and I am going to blame that one on Corona! With the outbreak of Corona, my small business' went into recession. I am a Child & Family Health Nurse with 6 children and I live in Richmond Tasmania. Here is a photo of it from when I was walking the other day…

I decided to start my own business so I could be flexible with the family and so I could fill a gap in our health systems needs of supporting rural families in the early stages of parenting. With the current social changes, my Airbnb is off the cards and I can no longer run parenting groups or attend home visits. My 4 teenagers also lost their jobs. I am lucky to have a plan B; I applied to one of the local hospitals and was stoked that they would have me start mid-April. Last weekend my credit card was hacked and therefore cancelled. Living in a rural area the snail-mail is slow and I have not yet received new cards. It has been difficult to pay with cash as a lot of business' will not take it. 

Today I went into town to buy myself new work shoes and trousers. I struggle with Workwear trousers as they are always too long and knowing alteration businesses will be closing, I decided to be proactive and buy some today before the shops close their doors. However, the lady at the shop would not take my cash. I decided to draw the sympathy card and told her about my business, my return to hospital work to relieve the pressure of the hospital staff and what happened to my CC and that I had no other choice and the store was closing. Still no cash was accepted. I understood she was just doing her job. A kind friend who is a doctor at the local hospital said she would go in and pick them up for me. Kindness works in wonderful ways.

However, the whole saga could have been prevented if I had only received this afternoons phone call this morning. The hospital called to say they do not need me. I lost my job before I even started.

So, I took to the cake. I know I have no call for sympathy. My husbands’ job is secure and we are all healthy. But my ego has taken a beating,...and an email has just flashed over my screen saying the interview for the other nurse job I have applied for has been cancelled, confirming I was fully justified in eating the cake. But my plan of trying to get to my pre-baby weight has taken a dive.

Tally-ho! Off I will go. I will continue to smell the roses and look in wonder at this new world order and the funny lives we lead...and then bake another cake!


Today it's all good! I'm on the sunshine train again! Just applied for 4 jobs and have so many things crossed it looks like some fancy yoga pose!

End of week 3 of self-isolation and I have gone for a walk I sat under this tree…

The inner hippie in me is taking over and throwing an 'everything goes' garden party with roses and lace being the star attractions...

I spent the morning applying for 4 jobs, baking for friends and singing to myself. I am very much starting to like this quiet life. 


Harriet and I had a little Friday afternoon frivolity and went to the Lolly shop...

And bought ourselves hair ribbons so we could feel pretty...

Picked wild flowers…

Found fairies…

And chased butterflies…

We blew wishes…

And just had a fun Friday!

When you know how to have a little fun, honestly, everything is well in the world!


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