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The Good Friday

We wake to another day where time seems to have little place now, where one day rolls into another. Where our existence has been shifted. But the world still turns, and we must turn with it. We wake and ask what to do today. For this Friday, a day without remembrance, without love, without beauty, would be a waste of the gift of time and connection to a world in need of much love.

Just like Anzac Day, on Good Friday my heart aches for a mother watching her son suffer and leave this world, no mother should suffer the loss of a child, through war, illness or persecution. And in this time of retreat and reflection, it pains me that mothers suffer in a world of silence, being cut off from the world and being consumed by loneliness, sleep deprivation and hopelessness. Today I could not care for all the mothers of the world, but 3 answered my call.

I knew that there were many mothers out there not able to access baby goods. I asked a formula rep friend of mine in Melbourne to send over some baby milk formula and food. She sent me boxes of them. I asked my group of 83 rural mothers who needed some and 3 answered back. I picked and wrapped up flowers, made necklaces and bought chocolate for these mothers and my husband and I went on an ‘essential drive’ delivery service. I know we all have our challenges at this time, but please hear the stories of these 3.

The first mother I visited had returned to the family home with her baby as she could not live with her parents anymore. Her mother had been exposed to someone who tested positive to the coronavirus and therefore my friend had to live elsewhere for a while. She returned to her home her husband still resides in. Her husband who used physical force on her. Who emotionally scarred her and whose mere presence scares her. She felt it was the simplest thing to do.

The next mother lives in a small house with her baby. A single parent who struggles to pay the bills. The isolation has brought back the lack of energy, anxiety and inability to cope she experienced just after the birth.

The third mother had a loving partner, a home and a healthy baby. You could think she is okay. But the stress of a sick baby has taken its toll. She doesn’t know if she can make good decisions anymore. If she is cut out to be a mum if she is doing enough. She misses just being able to be with friends.

Mothers everywhere. It is going to be okay. Please reach out. Never be embarrassed or ashamed to say it’s not a good day. There are people like me who want to and can do something to help. Let us know. Let us in (not literally! We can leave it at the door). I didn’t think it was a big deal to drop off some gifts, but these mothers said it meant everything to them that someone cared. I care. And so do lots of others. When you receive help, you receive a smile, a gift, reassurance, spirit and the positive energy you need to lift your mojo again. I promise, you have it in you, just help us to tap into it and the feelings will amaze you!


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