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DIY Business Storytelling for Rural Enterprises

Lucy Bowler is a communications professional based in regional Victoria. With a strong rural background, she loves blue skies, open spaces and rain on a tin roof.

Whenever she meets people, it’s always 20 questions - she can’t help herself, she always likes to know more.

This insatiable curiosity means she likes to get the best from her clients when it comes to Business Storytelling. Lucy raises profiles, creates digital content, systematises communications and seek golden opportunities for revenue raising.

She works with small business, self-employed professionals and not-for-profits who want to take off to the next level.

Here are some tips from Lucy…

Your story matters - what you do, where, how, why and for whom. But when you’re running a rural enterprise, you’ve got to work smarter to promote your business. There are too many other commitments that keep you from being on social media 100% of the time (or even 10%), but you’re caught in the conundrum of needing to do more.

Australia’s rural community have always been fantastic DIYers - the ingenuity that created the stump jump plough runs thick through our veins. There’s not enough money to pay somebody else and it’s quicker to get the job done when you know exactly what you want.

It’s time to apply the same method to your business promotions. You need to set yourself apart from the next producer and give people a reason to choose you.

Take some time out over the next few months to put together your Business Storytelling suite. It’s like having profile pics taken for your website, but this method ensures you’re ‘word ready’ - and that means media ready.

The stories you should tell

A complete storytelling suite means you’re prepared for any opportunity, whether it’s talking to journalists, drumming up new business or sharing your insights on Facebook.

Business and personal profiles

Prepare to be interviewed with 50,100 and 250-word business and personal profiles. You’re ready to promote yourself at the drop of a hat. What’s more, it really helps you finesse exactly what you’re about - with amazing knock-on effects for your business.

Unique selling proposition

Capture what sets you apart as the rural enterprise of choice in your field. Talk about the problem your business solves, why you felt the need to fill that particular gap and the steps you take to ensure quality time and time again.

Aha moment

Recount the defining moment that set you on your current career trajectory - perhaps you spent years away from your rural home, but those long country roads kept drawing you back. There’s a story behind why you do what you do and your clients want to hear!


Build client investment with deep insight into the processes behind your business. Tell them about the seasons, birth, death, the whole gamut. You’re out there working in some of the most stunning landscape nature provided - share it as often as possible.

The individual YOU

Whether you’re a runner or reader, there’s promotional gold in your whole story. This is where you can look for media opportunities to raise your profile - you’re not pushing the business in people’s faces, but giving them a glimpse into your definitive essence.

Learn more at http://lucybowler.com.au


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