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Barbara Thompson Geraldton, Midwest of Western Australia

I am sitting in my makeshift office at home looking out over a large yard bordered by Tuart Gum trees that currently host a very noisy chorus of endangered Carnaby Cockatoos, they have red tail feathers.

It’s an extremely different view from that of my town office which is the old original Harbor Master cottage on the waterfront of the Geraldton foreshore that had a constant stream of people coming and going , a fabulous coffee shop next door and a resident ghost! Now I get excited when I see the mail man go by and want to race outside and wave to him.

Covid 19 for me has been like someone pulling the bath plug out when you were not ready to get out! Being a regional women living in Geraldton usually I would spend a great deal of time working and networking with people in town, but I have suddenly had to plonk myself at home, on a small property and set up office in my children’s former nursery. It has been interesting to say the least. I am missing people and do feel a little isolated. I am a farmer’s daughter so I can adapt to living remotely but that is not how I have been living for years so yes, it is a dramatic change in lifestyle.

But wait it is OK because now I have discovered Zoom! I am suddenly a zoom queen and webinars and meetings fill my day and sometimes nights to connect, inspire and innovate with other people so hey it is not so bad! Being the Chair of WIBB’s, Women Inspiring Better Business who normally meet once a month for a breakfast networking event we have had to adapt and pivot quickly to enable us to still serve our community, that’s why we are loving zoom! We are currently running a business series with guest presenters comprising Accountants, Banks, Marketing Experts, Financial Counselors, HR Experts and Psychologists to support and guide women through this maze of support & services available.

On reflection I feel people are a little kinder, a little more patience and a little more grateful, let us hope this remands post Covid19. I am so grateful to be an Australian woman. So, let me leave you with a quote from Margaret Meade to ponder.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Barbara Thompson Geraldton, Midwest of Western Australia


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