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A Family Bonds

I met my three step-children five years ago. My partner and I purchased a new vehicle and drove to Derby to pick them up. We all returned home to Wyndham and I returned to work. 

Soon after COVID-19, the kids and I stayed home. I got to know the kids better and found new favour in Sonny. He found favour in me too. His appetite at meals and choice of healthy food greatly improved. 

The kids began online learning and I soon learnt to encourage them to be up early to complete their schoolwork and then receive their reward. Jada and Sonny their phones and Haylen his drumsticks.

At first, the kids missed their usual activities and lifestyle. I began to read The Diary of Anne Frank each evening at bedtime, in the hope they would connect or compare to her life of isolation.

Their school heard of this and dropped home library books. I asked the kids to read each evening. It is helpful in making them feel sleepy as they have not had the usual chance to wear themselves out.

I came across Sonny’s Christmas present from last year, a Samsung Galaxy Watch which is too big for his wrist. I claimed it and have found it great. I am not on my phone much and hope the kids will notice and copy.


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