Rechelle Leahy - Board Member

RechelleCCP 106

Rechelle Leahy is an Independent Director of the National Rural Women’s Coalition and holds the position of Company Secretary. Rechelle is a principal sector specialist in governance, contract management, procurement and social policy issues. Rechelle’s passion lies with gender equality, equity and improving policy through advocacy, specifically related to the specialised issues of rural, regional and remote (RRR) women and girls in Australia.

Rechelle provides technical expertise and specialist advice to government, and other institutions on policy, strategy, research and advocacy in key areas of social policy including gender equality, disability services, domestic violence, rural and regional workforce planning and employment, and technological and communications access focussing on the needs of RRR women and girls of Australia through her business RegionalCollab, and as a representative on many Boards and Committees. Rechelle has been a representative and provided advice on numerous government consultative bodies including the Australian Public Service Commission, the Department of Finance Procurement Forums and Government Select Committees and is a Gateway Review Committee Member. Rechelle has actively built a profile advocating for rural women and girls nationally and internationally.

In 2018 Rechelle represented civil society in New York, at the United Nations – Commission for the Status of Women as an Independent Director of the National Rural Women’s Coalition. Rechelle was recently appointed as a Director on the Board of the Classification Review Board and also received a Statutory Appointment as a Youth Justice Conference Convener in restorative justice for the Department of Justice NSW (Northern Inland Region). Rechelle was also successfully appointed by the Australian Government in October 2018 as an Employment Facilitator with the Department of Jobs and Small Business for the Northern Inland region of NSW. Rechelle has published widely on matters related to immigration including working with the BBC London on radio and being published in a number of books and magazines on the issue.

She has been awarded two Secretary's Medals of Excellence from the Department of Finance for her work in Superannuation and Procurement. Rechelle has a breadth of interests across all levels of government and has been influential in leading public and private institutions, including previously as an advisor to the Canberra Migrant Resource Centre and a volunteer Committee Member of the National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) - Canberra. Rechelle’s passion is working with government and non-government agencies on legislative reform, submissions, advocacy and research to contribute towards a better future for women and girls in Australia.

Rechelle is a consummate networker and a connecter of people who continues to seek to be part of the national and international conversation on these matters.