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Previous e-Leader, Tarun Richard's story on her involvement with Humpty Doo Barramundi, NT


My husband Dan and I are part owners of Humpty Doo Barramundi http://humptydoobarramundi.com.au/ , a barramundi farm half way between Darwin and Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. Dan’s parents are also owners and very involved in the farm. We grow salt water barramundi for the fillets market, plus smaller, plate sized barramundi which are very much in demand. I manage the web site and social media for the farm.

I never pictured myself as a farmer. I have a business degree in marketing and worked in various Northern Territory Government agencies for over ten years, managing communications, until about five years ago when our third child was born. I was ready for a change, and there was an opportunity for me to become more involved in the farm’s marketing activities, website, and social media.

Food security, healthy food and environmentally sustainable food are my passions. So I’m proud that Humpty Doo Barramundi produces tasty, healthy barramundi in a sustainable way. We re-use our water, circulating it through a created ‘wet lands’ which cleans the water before it re-enters the ponds. Dan and his father Bob both have environmental science backgrounds, and this was an important part of the farm’s design.

I completed the e-Leaders Social Media Program in December 2015. I only applied last minute, as I didn’t think I’d be selected, and with three kids and a husband who regularly works away, I also didn’t think I had time to participate.

Well, I didn’t miss one of the 8 weeks! Our talented presenter, Cathie Denehy, is very knowledgeable and passionate and she still responds to any questions we have! The Social Media Program showed me how to maximise my posts, gave me the skills to make our social media pages more professional and I’ve come away with some great tips and strategies for managing my time. Every evening for eight weeks I could put the kids to bed, put on my head phones and be learning again, connected with other fantastic women from all over the country experiencing similar frustrations and challenges to me. The only downside to the program – we all live too far away! I’d love to catch up for a coffee sometime…

We have a strong connection to the Territory – our three children were born here, Dan is a fourth-generation Territorian and while I’ve been here ‘only’ 26 years, my grandfather was born in Darwin.

The farm truly is a family business – Dan’s brother and his wife are also part owners of the farm. In a strange coincidence, my father was one of the original founders of the barramundi farm about 25 years ago! Bob became involved in the farm two years later. I didn’t know Dan then. We met in year 12 when I overheard him talking about a barramundi farm near Humpty Doo – I knew it had to be the same farm! My dad sold his share when my parents moved interstate, and Bob was the one who turned the farm from a hobby to the biggest barramundi farm in Australia.

And yes, we do have to keep an eye out for crocodiles. They are regular visitors to our farm, and a good croc picture makes a well- ‘liked’ Facebook post!

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