Sunday- homemade pizza night. I'll be eating cold pizza lunches until Wednesday.

Written by Helen Roth from The South Burnett QLD

Sunday- homemade pizza night. I'll be eating cold pizza lunches until Wednesday.

Daily I live, breathe and at times grieve with her sad stressed soul. Then rejoice and dance with her in an isolated celebration when good rains and a decent season brings her fully back to life. Sharing in the guts and the glory of this wide but for the most part, very brown land. It is not always a conscious choice that brings you to be alone in life. Sometimes life just drops it uninvited at your door. I guess how long you stay there is the part that is in your hands. Isolation and loneliness push you to your limits, but it also builds character, chases away many of your fears and nurtures in you an ever-evolving appreciation of life, our freedom and the wonder of nature and humanity.

Isolation can be a tragic reality for many who did not choose it, but it is certainly a daily reality for the many who live it. The reasons for ending up alone are many and varied but I guess it is how you cope with it, manage it, either hate or embrace it that defines the quality of your life. Being alone on a remote rural property certainly comes with a different set of challenges. But you can be isolated and incredibly lonely in the midst of a crowd as well. Isolation brings an appreciation of simple things. Most days for me I get to appreciate an early morning sunrise accompanied by an amazing chorus of birdsong, the low bellowing of the cows to their babies throughout the day as you go about your work and as another day closes down, I often sit and watch the last of the sun slip below the horizon.

Just as darkness falls, the kookaburras gather in the gum trees and give their last running commentary on a day well spent. Their laughing sundown catchup often reminds me to brush the worries and cares of that particular day away, even if only just until tomorrow. This is isolation on a grand scale in more ways than one. It is no secret that some days the isolation and aloneness can be a crushing burden on your shoulders, but I also know that the very next day being all alone out here can be the perfect balm to soothe my soul. I promised myself two years of this and it's now gone past eight. Perhaps you are usually right where you are meant to be in life. But it's anyone’s guess what the author has in mind for the next chapter of this life in the bush story?

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