Please Meet Pat Hamilton

New President Takes the Helm at National Rural Women’s Coalition

Please Meet Pat Hamilton

Lives:  Pat, a retired sheep farmer, a retired Secondary School Principal and a life-long learner, currently lives with her husband, Geoff, the family cat, Luka, and the dog, Lily, on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

Governance Experience:  During the last six years, Pat has been a member of 3 Boards [AWiA, NRWC, RDAYMN] as Company Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and currently President NRWC. Experiences include, strategic thinking, community engagement, budgets, compliance, report writing, project management and audit reviews – all for improved corporate governance which leads to better structures, more rigorous checks and balances for the future prosperity and direction of the organisation.

Is Passionate About:  Hearing strong and informed women’s voices in responding to the challenges that currently face us – women can achieve whatever they want if they have the desire, the vision and the commitment.

Best thing about being a woman who lives in RRR Australia?  For the past 40 years, Pat has been committed to developing strong, healthy and productive primary industries and rural, remote and regional communities.

What one thing could be done to strengthen the voice of RRR women? Connecting women and government and policy and decision-makers to achieve personal and professional goals and ambitions to increase the capacity and capabilities of RRR communities.

On my agenda now is:  (something you are working on either personally or professionally.) It is about “netweaving” – a powerful tool for all women in RRR Australia – to encourage and support each other for creating an exciting and prosperous future.

Cannot live without my? Daily dose of chocolate.

My favourite place?  At my piano.

I am wishing I could?  That I leave a positive legacy as a mentor and advocate for rural women.

I am inspired by? People who create their own opportunities and share.

I love to cook?   Anything savoury.

I love to drink? Really good champagne.

Something different I recommend you try is?  Sky diving – an exhilarating experience seeing the world differently.

If I was Prime Minister for a day, I would emphasise that ‘life is about making a positive difference.’

One way I add colour to my life? Walking with my husband and the robust discussions.

The best lesson I have learned in life?  Be passionate – people die from the cold within.

Favourite Quote: “Promise me you will always remember, that you are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” A.A.Milne.

Why the NRWC is important to me? It is all about the power of women networking as agents of change. The NRWC can create effective communication strategies and opportunities by building and nurturing women’s personal and professional capacity to enrich them, their families, their communities, their industries and their businesses – what a wonderful future for RRR Australia!

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