One Brick at a Time

By Aimee Snowden, Tocumwal NSW | 2016 e-Leaders Advocate and Influence Program participant

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In 2014, I created a blog called the Lego® Farmer. The blog features a series of photos using Lego® bricks and characters, photographed undertaking various agricultural activities in rural settings.  The Lego® farmer uses his Lego® tractor to feed the cattle , and climbs oats plants to see if they are  ready to harvest.  The blog started out as a bit of fun - I enjoyed the photography and storytelling and it was a way to reach out to audiences through the quirky characters and depictions. The idea came about after returning home to our family’s lucerne hay farm (near Tocumwal in New South Wales), whilst studying agribusiness.  I wanted to share agriculture in a really positive and new way to increase the conservation around farming. Momentum quickly gained when I used various social media platforms to support my blog. In 2016, as a finalist of the NSW-ACT RIRDC Rural Women's Award, I developed a project that further built on the success and momentum of the Lego® Farmer. The key goal of the project is to increase the agricultural literacy of Australian primary school aged children using the lego® bricks as a story-telling medium. Following my participation in the 2016 e-Leaders Advocate and Influence Program, I partnered with NSW DPI to create a classroom resource kit. We produced 200 kits that focused on pulses, as a celebration of International Year of the Pulse. “On the Pulse” was released in September 2016, and all kits have been taken up by NSW schools. Feedback has been very positive, and we look forward to continuing to produce education resources.  Recently, I added a new segment to the Blog called “Ask The Lego Farmer” and I was thrilled to respond to a 3 year old little boy who asked “how does the water get into your rain tank, and how do the sheep drink it from the tank?” I feel it is just the beginning of this journey and look forward to seeing where it will take me…one brick at time!

Read more about Little Brick Pastoral and the life of a Lego® farmer at http://www.littlebrickpastoral.com/

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