Meet Sandra Ireson, Booligal NSW

Sandra is part of NRWC's Communications Reference Team

Meet Sandra Ireson, Booligal NSW

2017 NSW-ACT RIRDC Rural Women’s Award winner Sandra Ireson runs a beef and sheep operation near Booligal with her husband and their three children.

As co-founder of Hay Inc. Rural Education Program, Sandra worked with a team to build a training model providing the skills, education and experience required for young people to get into agriculture.

Sandra credits her involvement with the inaugural 2011 NRWC Eleaders program for giving her confidence to “have a go” and says it helped to develop her leadership and subsequent education project.

She’s now in the running for the national RiRDC title and plans to use the bursary to develop a model for Hay’s training program that can be used throughout Australia.

“It would be great for other rural communities and industries to run similar programs and realise the benefits we have here,” Sandra says.

The National Rural Women’s Coalition Communication Reference Group member has a wide RRR support network and says she’s fortunate to be surrounded by a fantastic community.

“People young and old are happy to roll up their sleeves, get in and help out at events, embrace tourism and celebrate agriculture. It’s this community which has helped me be part of bringing ideas to life, from 20 years of sheep racing at Booligal to the Hay Inc. Rural Education Program.”

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