Meet Nat Sommerville, Spalding SA

Nat is part of the Communications Reference Team

Meet Nat Sommerville, Spalding SA

South Australian broadacre cropping and livestock farmer Natalie Sommerville encourages rural, regional and remote Australian women to stay connected.

Natalie grew up in Queensland and Northern Territory as one of six girls, learning much about working with other people through her large family and playing team sports.

This dynamic volunteer has a wealth of hands-on rural experience, working for a multinational company as an agronomist prior to farming with her husband. She’s able to tap into her wide network of community and industry groups to bring that bit extra to her role on the National Rural Women’s Coalition Communication Reference Group.

The most important elements of Natalie’s life are family and trying to make the world a better place.

“Being Torres Strait Islander, I’ve encountered racism in many different forms,” she says. “I feel by challenging the views of others around me, I’m doing my small part in helping all generations become more understanding and empathetic.”

Long-term, Natalie’s vision is of a strong resilient farming business, underpinned by an even stronger family that values the land where they live and farm. “If we don’t look after it now, it won’t provide us with a sustainable future.”

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