Meet Jenny Bevis, North Albury, NSW

Jenny is part of NRWC's Communications Reference Team

Meet Jenny Bevis, North Albury, NSW

Australian rural, regional and remote women are in the best position now, more than ever before to connect with influential individuals via social media, according to Albury-based events management professional Jenny Bevis.

As a member of the National Rural Women’s Coalition Communication Reference Group - and someone who regularly communicates with the team via the internet and teleconference - Jenny advises her peers to think beyond her geographical location.

“Take advantage of professional development programs networks around Australia,” she says, “Especially if there is an online component.”

Jenny describes herself as being a fairly ambitious and adventurous character who loves to travel. “I recently just got back from China as part of the China Australia Millennial Project. I’m an insatiably curious person, always throwing myself in experiences to learn a new skill.”

Jenny enjoys working with people, business and the arts - anything that sounds like fun. “Over time I’ve become really good at organising a cast of thousands and herding cats,” she says. “I’m a huge visionary and someone who loves detail and order.”

Within the next five years, Jenny hopes to have done more travel, established a not-for-profit organisation and moved into the consultancy space.

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