Meet Jacqui Hawkins, Wodonga VIC

Jacqui is part of the NRWC Communications Reference Team

Meet Jacqui Hawkins, Wodonga VIC

Jacqui is driven by a love for her community. Full of determination and optimism, Jacqui isn't one to shy away from a challenge and riding a 1,000 kilometres on a solo bike ride to raise $10,500 for Albury-Wodonga's local children’s ward is no exception.
Jacqui acknowledges the strong female mentors she’s had in life, Jacqui says events like the National Rural Women’s Coalition country muster are vital to spark new friendships and create networks.

“It’s enriched my understanding of community leadership, that it’s not simply the ability to make a decision but about nurturing others,” she says.
Recently Jacqui launched She KMF (She keeps moving forward) which aims to increase the conversation and profile of females in sport. She’s also passionate about civic engagement and says the youth voice is vital when discussing rural, remote and regional community challenges. 

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