Meet Cathie Denehy

Rural Women and NRWC Social Media E-Leaders Presenter 2014

Meet Cathie Denehy

On my agenda now is:  Marketing, Marketing, Marketing and Calendar, Apps, Website & Events.

Cannot live without my? Network of mentors & accountability buddies spread around the world.

My favourite place?  Anywhere near the ocean.

I am wishing I could? Clone myself and get so much more done without having to explain everything that is in my head!

I love to cook? Very little ~ I love to be cooked for.

I love to drink? Champagne, local red wine, and boutique Western Aussie beer in summer.

Something different I recommend you try is?  Truffles – Western Australian are the best.

If I was Prime Minister for a day I would take 75% of the military budget and reallocate it to health & education ~ enough said!

One way I add colour to my life? Constantly learning something new. This year it is Tai Chi & the Harp.

The best lesson I have learned in life?  Never give up, fall down as many times as is necessary and always get up one more time.

Favourite Quote: “Reach for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars” Les Brown

My favourite blog / why?   Depending on what I am in the mood for here are 3 of my fave blogs:

1. http://www.classetouriste.be/ - I dare you not to be hooked on the images and stories!

2. http://meganelizabeth.com/ - I have been following her for a while and plan to do a 2 month raw food detox this spring/summer – her attitude is relaxed and her food is delicious

3. http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/ - for all things Social Media, naturally.

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