Life in Lockdown

Like most other things, is what you choose to make it.

Life in Lockdown

My role as National President is one of advocacy on behalf of our member associations which, during non-COVID times, means a lot of time away from home. So, whilst I miss the encounters and opportunities that can at times be challenging as well as stimulating, I’m also enjoying the sunrise with a cup of tea or the sunset with a glass of wine, from my own verandah rather than a sterile hotel, on my own. 

I’ve occasionally thought it would be nice to have easy access to the trappings of city living but that’s usually at the start of my time away from home – by day two I’m ready for wide open isolation again and it’s this love of segregation that equips me (and many other RRR women) with the skills to help those who may be struggling, with staying home – especially alone.

If there is one lesson, I have learnt from my years of advocacy work, it is not to underestimate the power of a personal story or experience and the impact it might have for someone grappling with a particular situation. What I might consider mundane or simple, could spark a whole new thought process for my listener. 

Hopefully, it is a good one…

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