Getting Connected

By Danielle Doyle

Getting Connected

Danielle’s husband, Marty Doyle, has been the manager at Mittiebah since 2008. The property is a breeding station, producing weaners to transfer to the grower properties in the Channel Country. The couple live there together with their children Tom, Harry and Clancy and approximately 12 permanent staff.

Modern learning technology is opening new doors for women such as Danielle who live in isolated areas. Recently Danielle took part the NRWC 2014 E-Leaders Social Media Program. NRWC’s E-Leaders Program was developed in 2011.  The program offers flexible learning options and topics are delivered using a webinar software program with a virtual classroom feature.

It’s the next best thing to face-to-face and has been highly successful for networking. Speakers are beamed into the homes of women living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

With no downtime, babysitting fees or travel costs this style of learning is an example of modern technology at its best.

Here’s what Danielle has to say about her experience, “Such a wonderful program, a chance to connect with people from all over Australia and learn so much. I loved that no matter how isolated or remote you are, you can still participate using modern technology.”

Danielle is encouraging others living in the Northern Territory to apply for the recently launched E-Leaders Program that is on offer for Northern Territory women.  “One thing that always scares me about these sort of programs is the “project” side. I can assure you that even though you think you might not have a “project” you will….And those of you thinking “No, I wouldn’t be able to apply for this, they wouldn’t choose me” – THINK AGAIN!  You will be perfect.”

Applications for the FRRR Growing Northern Women Leaders program open on 7 September go to the E-Leaders page on www.nrwc.com.au to apply. Find out more about life on a station at Danielle’s blog spot http://misschardy.com/about-miss-chardy/

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Life at Mittiebah Station, Northern Territory.

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