City Girl With A Country Girl Heart.

Jules Bailey, Gunnedah NSW

City Girl With A Country Girl Heart.

Sitting here in at my studio desk a long way from family and friends it doesn’t take much to reflect on things that seem important like where you’re going now in life, so many things have changed the children have grown up and moved a state away, they are after all adults now and finding there own way in this big world and that in itself makes me smile. I have loved and lost and have begun to love again life seems to have come full circle.

But then it makes me think growing up in the city I wasn’t the normal city girl, I preferred the family weekend in the country when we went with the family I was the one who got out on the back of a horse, chased the chickens and cows, it seemed I was happiest away from the city lights and the hustle and bustle, so fast forward to 2005 when my marriage broke down and I was a single mom trying to find herself, the story being as I take a train to Sydney leaving behind all I had ever know and heading to Broken Hill I really should have listened more in geography class because Broken Hill wasn’t no a suburb of Sydney. So 2 full days later of train and buses I arrive in the silver city at midnight so I really didn’t get to see much and boy were my eyes open Friday morning seeing exactly where I was and what challenges I faced ahead.

Well, to be honest, I felt home as crazy as it was I felt that I finally belonged I had found me and a community that went above and beyond I spent a good 3 years in broken hill and found my country girl heart, fast forward from 2008 to 2011 and I was given the chance to continue working for the super radio network in Gunnedah at 2mo if your not familiar with 2mo it is part of the super radio network and is a small but big radio station that is part of the Gunnedah community, I became the breakfast announcer in 2012 and that’s where you will find me today.

My name is Jules Bailey I am in my early 40’s and love waking up with early mornings and bringing smiles to my community of Gunnedah, its been 8 years now and each morning I still feel like it’s the first day of my new adventure and Gunnedah feels like home it’s been 15 years since I took the train to the country and my country heart is full and I don’t even remember who that city girl is anymore

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