Non-Member Stakeholder

The National Rural Women’s Coalition Ltd is calling for suitably experienced Women living in Rural, Regional and Remote Australia to nominate for a Non-Member Stakeholder position.

About the National Rural Women’s Coalition

The National Rural Women’s Coalition (NRWC) is the largest organisation in Australia focused on the issues of rural, regional and remote women, girls and their communities. We provide a unique rural, regional & remote lens on information to government, industry and other stakeholders as part of our advocacy to improve gender equality and ensure that women living in rural, regional & remote Australia are part of decision making on all levels.  With strong focuses on women’s leadership, health & communications along with women’s long term economic security, workforce participation and women’s safety.

The National Rural Women’s Coalition builds capacity in women living in rural, regional and remote Australia through a broad range of programs and webinars.  We work to acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful diversity that is the cohort of RRR women by breaking down stereotypes, promoting positive and inclusive profiles of rural women living and working and who are doing the ordinary to the extraordinary.    

As women, living in rural regional & remote Australia the National Rural Women’s Coalition team have the lived experience of living and working in regional and rural towns and in remote places, including Australian islands and oceans. Through our member organisations and individual and organisational networks we engage with women, girls and their communities at grassroot level and to exchange vital information.


The Position

The National Rural Women’s Coalition Ltd is seeking suitably qualified women in all their diversity to nominate for a position of Non-Member Stakeholder which may become Director of the NRWC Board. For more information see our Constitution at https://nrwc.com.au/images/PDFs/NRWC-Constitution-27-July-2020-ASIC.pdf

The position is for a one-year term.

The NRWC encourages all women meeting the essential criteria to apply, we encourage women of all diversities to consider this volunteer board opportunity. 

Completed nominations need to be received by 13 October 2023 by noon ADST. Nominations will be accepted through the NRWC Website process only.

Shortlisted nominees will be interviewed.

A Police Check will be completed on successful nominees

To Nominate You Must Not Be:

  • Under 18 years old
  • An undischarged bankrupt or someone who has not complied with a personal insolvency agreement;
  • An individual who ASIC or a relevant court has banned from being a director.
  • An individual who has been convicted of fraud or other dishonesty related offences.

Essential Criteria:

  • You must be living permanently as a woman in Rural, Regional or Remote Australia
  • You must agree and work towards the principle of gender equality 
  • Demonstrated understanding of the intersectional issues facing rural, regional & remote women & girls 
  • Demonstrated high level Board experience
  • Demonstrated understanding of best practice governance in a not-for-profit environment 
  • Commitment to attending Board meeting, sub-committees & representing the NRWC at all levels, local, regional, state and federal as requested. You will need a minimum of 10 hours per month.
  • Be available to attend the General Meeting of the Board on 29 November 2023 at 12:30 pm ADST virtually.

Desirable Criteria:

  • Advocacy and policy experience
  • Communications experience
  • Well established Rural, Regional & Remote women’s networks
  • Legal and regulatory experience
  • Financial literacy   
  • Experiencing in attracting sponsorship/partnerships/commercial funding
  • Experience in international conventions and treaties impacting women & girls

Responsibilities of a NRWC Non-Member Stakeholder (Director):

Note under the NRWC Constitution a Non-Member Stakeholder may be offered a Director position on the NRWC Board 

As a director, you are responsible for oversight of the affairs of the company. You must comply with your legal obligations as a director under the Corporations Act 2001

As a director, you must be fully up to date on what your company is doing, including its financial position, question managers and staff about how the business is going and take an active part in directors’ meetings.

You must not use your position as a director of a company – or information obtained because you are or have been a director, officer, or employee of a company – to cause detriment to the company or to gain an advantage for yourself or someone else.

When you make a business decision as a company director, you must, amongst other things, ensure that you:

  • make the decision in good faith and for a proper purpose
  • do not have a material personal interest in the decision and make it in the best interests of the company
  • find out and assess how any decision will affect your company’s business performance, especially if it involves a lot of the company’s money or could have a material impact on the company's reputation
  • keep informed about your company’s financial position and performance, ensuring your company can pay its debts on time
  • get trusted professional advice when you need assistance to make an informed decision
  • make full and frank disclosure about any material personal interests you do have

There are penalties and consequences – including civil penalties, compensation proceedings and criminal charges – for directors who fail to comply with their obligations under Australian law.


The National Rural Women’s Coalition Board meets a minimum of 6 times a year but up to 12 times.

Additionally, there are consultations, advisory groups, roundtables and subcommittees Board Members and Non-Member Stakeholders may need to attend.

Communications of issues affecting rural, regional and remote women that the NRWC is advocating to a broader audience may also require support of non-member stakeholders through radio, newspaper, television and social media platforms and networks as well as input into submissions and position papers.

Travel may also be required from time to time. The National Rural Women’s Coalition reimburses travel expenses in line with the NRWC Travel Policy.

Directors receive a small Directors’ stipend for attending some meetings within the Stipend Allowance Policy but in essence this is volunteer opportunity.


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Phone: 0455 844 101

ACN: 151 707 158



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