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A CUPPA WITH...... Bev Ryan

A Cuppa With Bev Ryan | The Power of Publishing

Bev says that when she talks with clients and others who have successfully published a quality book, they all agree that they have enjoyed most, if not all, of the following results. They have:

  • Gained authority and exposure as an expert in their field – the writing process added enormously to their knowledge.
  • Attracted more clients and professional contacts – their credibility is assured with a well-written book.
  • Opened doors to more opportunities and alliances – their success has attracted successful people.
  • Added exciting elements such as speaking, seminars, e-courses etc. around their book topic.
  • Developed further income streams and business potential – creativity fosters bigger and better ideas.

I believe the greatest reason of all to publish is that it leads to a huge personal high! Your self-confidence blooms, and it truly is a notable achievement you can be so very proud of, and one that impacts people near and dear to you as well.


I see and hear many would-be authors struggle with some or all of the following thoughts:

  • I can’t do that – only writers write books.
  • My peers will be very critical if I write a book and position myself as an expert in my field.
  • People will find out I am an imposter and don’t actually know as much as they seem to think I do.
  • Everyone else in my industry knows what I know – I have nothing original to say.
  • I am struggling to get clients – I should lower my prices instead of investing in a book.
  • I am getting too old for this – everyone wants to work with younger people, so why bother with a book now.

Bev guarantees that through the process of collating, researching, writing and publishing your own book you will experience an amazingly effective professional and personal development program all rolled into one.

It is truly a transformational experience!

About Bev Ryan

Bev Ryan discovered the self-publishing industry almost 20 years ago, after leaving an English teaching career to establish ‘Work from Home’, a magazine for enterprising women. She is now a publishing project manager and a book coach, and has worked with hundreds of professional women through her magazines, events, programs, publishing and career coaching, and publishing project management. Bev has combined her publishing expertise with her passion for career coaching, and now works with professional and entrepreneurial women (often coaches, counsellors and consultants) as they self-publish, and as they fine-tune their online presence. Bev has been a Director of the Qld Rural Regional and Remote Women’s Network, and was instrumental in establishing their Strong Women Leadership Awards program in 2012.

Session:           A Cuppa WithTM Bev Ryan  | The Power of Publishing

Date:               Thursday, 14th April 2016

Time:               8pm AEST (Please check your time zone, this is Australian Eastern Standard Time)

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What is A Cuppa With?

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