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Do you love networking with other women in rural, regional and remote areas and like the thought of connecting with women in other parts of Australia?

As a national organisation representing RRR women in all parts of Australia, the NRWC prides itself on engaging thousands of women each year.

The NRWC has initiated many friendships with RRR women connecting through its projects. These women may not have ever crossed paths otherwise due to their geographical location. By joining us, we can overcome the distance of geographical, social and intellectual isolation.

It can be such a powerful experience sharing your knowledge with other women and inspiring each other to chase your dreams. Connecting and sharing experiences can also help overcome adversity and build resilience - factors which can help build success.

We have some opportunities for you to be involved with the National Rural Women’s Coalition.

But first...

Here are some questions to ask yourself?

Are you a woman living in rural, regional or remote Australia?

Do you love living in your RRR area?

Are you interested in fulfilling your own professional development?

Do you love connecting with other women?

Do you love chasing your dreams?

Are you inspired by hearing the stories of other successful women?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions here are some of the ways you can get involved:

  • Join one of our free on-line eSkilling webinars
  • Join the NRWC Facebook community  
  • Join the NRWC Twitter Community
  • Join the NRWC Instagram community
  • Apply for a volunteer position on our Communications Reference Team (CRT) here for women 18 to infinity
  • Apply for a volunteer position on our Young Rural, Regional & Remote Women’s Advocacy Panel (YRRRAP) here for women 18-30 years
  • Send us an original BLOG for the ‘Voices from the Bush
  • Apply for an eLearning Program
  • Sign-up for our eNewsletter here
  • Send us and email to admin@nrwc.com.au


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Phone: 0455 844 101

ACN: 151 707 158



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