Expressions of interest to join NRWC Young, Rural, Regional Remote Advisory Panel

We are seeking

  • A minimum of one rural woman from each state and the Northern Territory
  • Age: 18yrs to 30 years
  • Must be a living as a woman in Rural, Regional & Remote (RRR)Australia
  • A strong commitment to gender equality
  • A strong commitment to thriving rural communities
  • Women with a sound understanding of issues relevant to young RRR women
  • An ability to collaborate within the group, valuing diverse views
  • Demonstrated research and report writing skills
  • Demonstrated social media skills (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In)

Your commitment

  • Attend monthly meetings
  • 3–5 hours per month
  • Support the vision of the National Rural Women’s Coalition (NRWC)
  • Provide information and feedback to the NRWC
  • Amplify the messages of the NRWC
  • As part of the Advisory Panel prepare papers on Emerging RRR issues
  • Work within the Terms of Reference of the YRRRAP

Our commitment

  • NRWC will provide capacity building opportunities
  • NRWC will provide leadership opportunities
  • NRWC will provide all practical resources
  • Through the NRWC RRR young women’s issues will have a national voice
  • The opportunity to be involved in international feminist work