Dorothy Coombe - Treasurer

DorothyCoombeCCP 118

Dorothy Coombe represents the National Rural Health Alliance holds the position of Vice President on the board of the National Rural Women’s Coalition.

Dorothy lives in Ringwood (Victoria), and since retiring from a long career in sales and marketing, has focused on giving significant time to charity.

She is a current member of the Country Women’s Association of Victoria and is Chair of Foodbank Victoria and sits on the board of Foodbank Australia.

Looking forward, Dorothy hopes NRWC continues to be recognised as an important voice for rural, regional and remote women.

“I also hope people recognise the coalition as a women’s voice for activities and for improvement, so there’s somewhere they can go for either resources or support.

“Really, I’d like to see both the government and women recognising the coalition as a strong women’s voice,” Dorothy concludes.